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Selected Publications (see the CV for the full list)


Experimental and Behavioral Economics and Finance

  • Social Division, Trust, and Reciprocity among Chinese Inmates (with Lucy Ackert, Fang Chang, Han Liu, and Yaojiang Shi), Research in Economics, 75 (3), pp. 259-273, 2021

  • Lying: An Experimental Investigation of the Role of Situational Factors (with Lucy Ackert, Bryan Church and Jason Kuang), Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 605-632, Oct. 2011

  • Asset Pricing in Mildly Segmented International Capital Markets: An Experimental Approach (with Lucy Ackert and Stefano Mazzota), Southern Economic Journal, 77(3), pp.585-598, Jan. 2011

  • Information Use and Transference among Legally Separated Share Markets: An Experimental Approach (with Jack Ochs), Southern Economic Journal, 76 (1), pp. 99-129, Jul. 2009.

China's Economy

  • Academic Profile of Chinese Economists: Productivity, Pay, Time Use, Gender Differences, and Impacts of COVID-19 (with Adam Chen and Yang Jiao), China Economic Review, forthcoming, June 2023


  • Migration and Health in China: Bridging the Gaps in Policy Aims and the Reality of Medical services to Migrants (with Jian Wang, Juan Zheng and Peng Wang), Journal of Public Administration (Chinese language), vol.9, no. 4, pp. 29-45, 2014

  • China’s Internal Borders: What We Can Learn from the Business Cycle Correlations across Chinese Cities (with Ying Fang and Zhongjian Lin), The Chinese Economy, vol. 46, no. 3, pp. 42–62, May–June, 2013

  • Determinants of Firm Leverage: Evidence from China (with Penny Prime), The Chinese Economy, vol. 46, no. 2, pp. 74–106, March–April 2013

  • Capital Flows and Domestic Market Integration in China, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, Vol. 8, no.1, pp. 67-94, Feb. 2010

  • Market Reforms in China: Consumption Puzzles (with Penny Prime), China Economic Review, Vol. 20, pp. 338-401, Sep. 2009

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